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4 Important Things You Must Remember When Shopping For Mother of

The wedding of your daughter would be one of the most memorable occasions in your life, perhaps next to her childbirth. During that time, your baby is going to walk down the aisle and start her life anew with somebody else.

It's going to be a feel-good occasion. There will be a lot of songs, dances, food, and happy guests who are going to share with the new couple's union. That's why, as the mother, you have to look your darn best. You should be very careful on how to choose your mother of bride dress.

The following tips below may be just what you need to start off your hunting spree:

1. Know your daughter's wedding theme. Before you decide to buy a mother of bride dress, know if your daughter has color preference. Usually, the hue of the wedding will also be the shades of what most of the guests are going to wear. Besides color, determine if the couple has come up with a very unique theme for their wedding.

In case you don't know yet, theme weddings are becoming a craze these days. So if your daughter says it's going to be a Victorian wedding, don't shop for long-fitted gowns. Rather, see if that silk and chiffon long empire-cut dress would fit into the event.

2. Think of age-appropriate clothes. Keep in mind that even if you're the mother, the spotlight doesn't belong to you. If you don't want to be the laughing stock of the entire congregation or if you don't like them to steal knowing glances at you, make sure that your dress is age appropriate. This means that ultra sexy dresses are definitely no-no for you: no mini skirts or tops with plunging necklines. Rather, highlight your great assets. For instance, if you have well-toned arms even at your age, you can settle for a knee-length lace dress with silk waist tie and boat neck.

3. Shop at least months or weeks before the actual wedding. Usually, weddings are scheduled at least months before the actual date. This will give the couple enough time to prepare for everything. You should take this opportunity too to look for the perfect mother of bride dress. You can start looking for great designs in the Internet or in catalogs. If you don't have enough money to buy a particular dress, you can bring the design to the sewer and let her modify it a bit to fit to your preferences and budget.

4. Bring a gal pal with you. If you're not sure on what mother of bride dress to purchase, then it's time to bring a gal pal with you. Normally, mothers would bring their daughters. It would also serve as their bonding time before she finally starts her own family. However, just in case she isn't available, you can bring along your best friend or even the mother of the groom. Your girl friends would definitely be let you know what works and what doesn't to you.